Afternoon Listening

Friday, November 23, 2007

Now here's a rare discovery -- a disc found at the bottom of a plastic tub of worthless promos -- which, feeling adventurous, I actually auditioned one afternoon.

Is she obscure ? You bet ! This one isn't even available new on Amazon -- and I'm not sure that Amanda Walker wants to be a professional musician.

She started out as an art student -- I assume the above cover is the result of that enterprise -- and ouch! She's even worse than Joni Mitchell.

But what a singer songwriter she is !

I've played her about about 6 times so far -- until she finally made me cry (it always takes a while for me to get into music/lyrics) -- and this one finally got me on track 7 ("Rosie") -- about the love between her grandparents.

But most of the tracks are about the love of the singer herself -- or, more accurately, the disappointed love of the singer. Oh, those wretched men ! (a girl can only trust Paul McCartney)

The narrative, real quality of her voice -- her simple, but perfect piano accompaniment -- and story songs that seem to be autobiographical --- she's quite a package.

I'm just afraid she's going to end up being an attorney.