Afternoon Listening

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just got in this incredible June Christy album from 1960 -- actually the above import is two-albums-on-one-disc --- but I never got around to hearing the second album because one of my regular customers bought it before it could finish playing.

"Cool School" is a killer rendition of Hollywood children's songs -- lot of Walt Disney stuff -- like "Give a little Whistle" or "When you wish upon a star" -- not really anyone's idea of great jazz standards -- but she sings them so honest,pure, straight but playful -- and so -- so -- coooool --- I guess it re-awoke my 2nd grade crush on my cute 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Baumberger. This was an album that made time-stand-still.

My customer said that he had always liked June Christy -- but not most of her albums -- and we agreed -- whole-heartedly - that this one was memorable.


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