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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nancy Wilson stole my heart at the tender age of 14 -- so when I first started thinking about girls, I started thinking about her --since she was on the radio (WNOP in Cincinnati) ALL the time.

The affair continued in the mid-eighties - when I actually got to meet her -- in elevator after a concert at a hotel -- where I confessed my undying love to this (by now) aging, gray-haired , distiguished lady.

My favorite recordings are the Capitol years -- like the one with Cannonball
Adderley -- where she sings Jazz -- so I never got around to listening to her later Columbia years.

But today -- I put on this 1994 recording -- and went to heaven -- as she throws that clear, deep voice out into space --- and then tugs it back-- along with my heart.

The thing about this album - is that it's --- gasp! --- adult contemporary -- with orchestra --strings --- echo chamber -- and (mostly) forgettable songs -- that only serve as an excuse to hear her manipulate her voice.

That's OK -- I love it anyway -- and while I was playing it -- a customer came to the counter with a big smile on his face -- telling me he was also a fan of Nancy from way back (he's in his sixties now) -- and when he was a teenager - he taped her record album cover to the ceiling above his bed. (a rather provocative place in the bedroom of a teenage boy)

I never went that far --- but when I was a teenager -- Nancy certainly did
provide my role model for adult romance.

Love --- Nancy ---- indeed !


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