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Sunday, January 14, 2007

We saw the film version of "Dreamgirls" last night -- and were blown away by the lead singer -- Jennifer Hudson -- who clearly carried the two-hours of that ponderous soap opera on her amazing/emotive voice.

If the singing voice can ever be considered a dangerous - heart-breaking weapon -- she's got one.

(and I felt sorry for Beyonce -- who faithfully delivered the mediocrity that her role called for)

And as if to continue the story of show-business mendacity and diva intransigence -- from the big screen to real life -- the Dreamgirls website doesn't even mention her name -- while Hudson's website doesn't mention "Dreamgirls" -- even though each was indispensible to the success of the other.

Will she ever make a record album that I like ? Maybe -- but probably not -- so much depends on the material and production that she gets -- and it's doubtful she'll get the autonomy of a singer like Norah Jones.

I just read the Rachael Abramowitz (Chicago Tribune) interview with director, Bill Condon -- who told how Hudson was selected from among 750 actors under consideration -- and referring to her climactic song, said "that song has to rip your guts out because it has to feel so real".

And that's exactly how it felt to me - and presumably to the rest of the audience -- who applauded at the end (of the song -- not the movie)


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