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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I thought I had written about Patty Griffin early last year -- but I'm afraid that post got lost into the black hole of cyberspace.

Anyway -- I love this album ("Impossible Dream")-- almost every song -- since the lines seem so well written -- and she sings each one with such conviction.

(that's a beef I have with so many folk singers with beautiful voices: the lyrics just seem to be an excuse --rather than the reason -- for singing)

Her characters are such ordinary-desparate people -- but their condition feels so poignant ! Here's some lyrics from favorite song (the one that chokes me up --just about every time -- as it builds up to its climax of despair)

"and the sky turns to fire
against the telephone wire
and I'm getting tired
of all these useless desires"

O.K. -- I'm a sucker for Patty Griffin -- and as I now listen to an earlier album -- "Living with Ghosts" -- I realize I should be writing about that one too -- indeed -- maybe I will ! -- as I compare Patty singing her "Let him fly" with the way Natalie Maines carries it for the Dixie Chicks in "Fly"

Patty shows (personal) sadness while Natalie shows (crowd pleasin') anger -- and I guess I prefer the sadness. (it's fun working in a used record store)


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